Sunday, September 23, 2007



Hope is the sweet, sweet scent

of flowers in the morning

Hope is the cool gentle breeze

on a warm summer's day

Hope is the knowledge of stability

from a son in mourning

Hope is the bright shining light

keeping darkness at bay

Hope is the calming warmth

during a cold winter

Hope is the determination

of an athelete on the track

Hope is the potential

of a newborn baby... .

The End

These sweet lines were written by Hanan Matt'er" Al-Qattan Center for the Child member"

Here you are the link of her blog:


heba said...

the poem is very nice it talks about hope which are the most importanat thing in life
thank u hanan

nour said...

very nice tanks hanan very mach

Rasha said...

this is so so nice poem it give us a some hope

thanks Hanan alot,,,

Ali said...

thank you hanan it is a very nice lyrics

I hope that you will continue
with my best wishs for you

Palestine aya said...

thanks hanan very mach about hope...

khamees said...

Hanan kindly to this beautiful poem which speaks of hope commendable again